Turtles of the United States and Canada

Ernst and Lovich’s thoroughly revised edition of this classic reference provides the most updated information of North American turtles.

Aquatic turtles

A clear book with information about aquatic turtles from housing to proper care.

Keeping and breeding freshwater turtles

This large format work features over 200 pages on turtle keeping and tips on keeping and breeding the world’s freshwater turtles.

Practical Encyclopedia of Keeping and Breeding Tortoises and Freshwater Turtles

Comprehensive guide to all aspects of keeping and breeding tortoises and turtles

Turtles of the world

Presented in a logical and systematic order, Turtles of the World discusses each family separately with keys to genera and species.

European pond turtle

Contains chapters on systematics, fossils, morphology, subspecies, distribution, ecology and behaviour, threats, keeping and breeding, diseases


Ever wonder how many kinds of turtles there are? Or if they have teeth? Why so many turtles have yellow stripes on their neck?

Encyclopedia of Turtles

The monumental work on all of the turtles, tortoises and terrapins of the world. From the research library of herpetologist John C. Murphy

Hermann's Tortoise, Boettger's and Dalmatian Tortoises

This book covers the researched data on the distribution, biology and ecology of the Testudo hermanni species.

The Tortoise Trust Guide to Tortoises and Turtles

The Tortoise Trust Guide To Tortoises and Turtles van A C Highfield is een omvattend boek over de verzorging van het kweken van water en landschildpadden.

Mediterranean Tortoises

Mediterranean Tortoises are a challenging animal to keep successfully away from the warm, dry climate that they are used to.

Box turtles

Easy-to-understand, informative guides - llustrated throughout with full-color photographs

Terralog vol 1

The first volume of the TERRALOG Turtles of the World, portrays all valid taxa of chelonians inhabiting Africa, Europe and Western Asia.